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Water soluble, natural
in-plant production
Super producer

Trait Biosciences is an emerging cannabis biotechnology company

harnessing the best-in-class research scientists in biotechnology and cannabis R&D to change the face of the industry. When you can eliminate the flowering stage and come up with a greater % of consistent and quality cannabinoids, that is a game changer.

1. Novel, tailored solutions for cannabis/hemp crop protection

A forerunner in emerging cannabis biotechnology.

A stable, cost-effective, natural and eco-sensitive solution against cannabis pathogens. Our patented RNAi bacterial delivery platform utilizes leading-edge science from our world-class team of research scientists to safely protect crops from pathogens and herbivores and eliminate the need for harmful chemicals to control disease and insect damage.

2. Water-soluble and natural cannabinoids produced in-plant and in cell suspension cultures

Production of GMP grade water-soluble full-spectrum cannabinoids that allow for new product formulations and increase bioavailability and product lifetime.


3. Super producer technology - up to 2X cannabinoids production

Trait’s proprietary “SUPER-PRODUCER” technology allows higher expression levels of cannabinoids and increased accumulation which has the potential to double the overall yield of cannabinoids extracted from the same amount of plant material.

high yield Cannabis