Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country

— Thomas Jefferson

The increasing demand for legal cannabis in the US and Canada and the lack of effective, alternative pest control strategies is causing dangerous levels of pesticide contamination.

Smoking pesticide-contaminated cannabis could potentially expose the body to lethal chemicals. A recent example is the use of the pesticide, myclobutanil, which has been used from as far back as 2014 for some growing operations. When myclobutanil is smoked, the heat catalyzes hydrogen cyanide production, which is lethal to the human body.

An expanding clientele are demanding high-quality, natural and safe cannabis, either for recreational or medical use, and are looking for premium products that haven't been contaminated with lethal chemicals.

To provide medical-grade cannabis, patients need natural, dependable and chemical-free products that have consistent cannabinoid profiles.

There are currently no companies providing natural, pharmaceutical-grade cannabis that can be used in other ways apart from through smoking or oral consumption.

Cannabis Trichomes

Trichomes provide a host of roles in different plants, algae, lichens, and certain protists

On a cannabis plant they are rich in cannabinoids

Nature Video explaining how RNAi works.

Our Solution

Cannabis cultivators need natural, cost-effective and high-quality solutions to treat diseases that are tailored to the industry.
Trait Biosciences' novel technology has been developed by world-class research scientists, lead by our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Richard Sayre. Dr. Sayre was recognized as one of the top 5 crop scientists who could change the world, according to Nature journal.
Trait Biosciences uses naturally occurring endophytic bacteria to express small-interfering RNAs that inactivate the expression of targeted essential genes in pathogens and herbivores. Our technology provides a tailored natural product to eradicate the diseases affecting cannabis crops. Our competitive advantages are:

  • Our technology is broad and encompasses the ability to not only release siRNAs to tackle disease, but also increase desirable traits within the cannabis plant;
  • eco-sensitive since it is pathogen specific and chemical free;
  • robust as the bacteria is self-replicating and delivers product throughout the lifetime of the crop;
  • stable throughout the life-cycle of the plant;
  • can be utilized to simultaneously disable the replication of multiple viruses, fungi or mold , and is easily adaptable to be rapidly deployed to address emerging viral and fungal disease threats;
  • can be used to protect against herbivores and pests such as red spider mite;
  • encompasses gene-switch technology, allowing us to control the activation and timing of the siRNA expression in the cannabis crop;
  • efficient to manufacture and deploy at scale worldwide; and
  • simple and low cost to handle and disperse.

Medical cannabis users are in need of clean, stable and pure cannabis products.

In the cannabis plant, cannabinoid yields are limited due to their water insolubility, toxicity to the plant, and limited storage sites in trichomes.
At Trait Biosciences, our approach converts cannabinoids into water-soluble products grown in whole plants or sterile cell suspension cultures. We believe this is the first cannabis-based product that combines the best attributes of both bio-transformed and full-plant extracts with the capability to select and retain consistent, uniform trait profiles for each product. Trait can obtain:
  • higher and consistent yields
  • products free of pathogens, pesticides, and toxins
  • new product formulations

Our solution produces high-quality products that are consistent in profile from generation-to-generation with precise dosing for pharmaceuticals, edibles and nutraceuticals.
Trait Biosciences' products fills the void in the cannabis market for providing natural, pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extracts cultivated in a sterile environment. The platform eliminates the need for large-scale growth operations and significantly reduces initial capital investment and production costs.